The Daily Survey…..

I love the Daily Mail…or as I affectionately call it The Daily Survey. If I am ever in any doubt about how to lose weight, stave off cancer, have better sex or just generally make massive improvements to my life then it’s The Daily Survey for me every time. The only problem is that one minute I am giving up tomatoes because they make your cholesterol sky rocket but the next day I am back in Tescos buying tons of them because they are the new way to shift those excess festive pounds fast-all very confusing for such a simple soul if you ask me.
However, as well as being a great source of statistics, revealing surveys and amazing life advice it’s the balance of news that, as a journalist, I find so refreshing.
Obviously this week the Italian cruise ship disaster has dominated all news platforms and channels, but thankfully to strike a positively cheery balance we have been treated just today to the usual round of celebrity nonsense.
Loose Women’s Denise Welch got her middle aged baps out in the Big Brother house to the bemusement of Frankie Cocozza (he’s 19 FOR GOODNESS SAKE!), even though she has promised long suffering hubby Tim that she will be winding her neck in and growing old gracefully. Meanwhile poor Kerry “looking fuller in the face” Katona is being slagged off yet AGAIN for going out and revealing a double chin while on the town with Amy Childs and Rhodri and Natasha Giggs are back on (and photographed in some park being all lovey dovey-won’t last if you ask me).
Then we have the shocking…and I mean shocking news that women (yes actual real women) are spending £250 each on clothes to make them look like Kate Middleton. Well it could be worse I suppose, we could all be buying pussy bow blouses in an attempt to capture the ‘Thatch Fash Look’ following the release of The Iron Lady.
Add to this a 1,000 vessel flotilla costing millions to celebrate the Jubilee and the usual tricks from the Kardashians (WHO are they exactly? are they a recently discovered Amazonian tribe?) Lindsay stupid face Lohan and Cheryl-celeb-status-hanging-by-a-thread Cole and you have what apparently are the major issues of the day.
Oh I nearly forgot…apparently loads of people died in East Africa because of famine. According to Save the Children, aid agencies just didn’t get there in time…but then who really wants to read about that when there is a HUGE celebrity culture to keep tabs on?

One thought on “The Daily Survey…..

  1. Not forgetting DM bingo. How many of the following can you spot:

    Killer curves
    Poured into
    Daisy dukes
    Twitter (source of most DM stories)

    Feel free to add to the list!

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