It’s the final countdown!

Ok I know I have been a bit of a tardy blogger of late but I have been very busy empire building, dieting, and planning THE WEDDING!

Anyway, I am back in the saddle now and will be spending time every day ( you lucky bastards!) regaling you with tales of nuptial preparations!

So to bring you right up to speed here are a few edited highlights. I am on dress choice number 3. I am clearly incapable of making a decision and sticking with it. It is, quite frankly, remarkable that I am only on potential husband number 2 (well actually not that remarkable as I have not exactly had eligibles queuing round the block…) but anyway, dress numero trois is THE one! I also have shoes, jewellery and thanks to Gok Wan, a rather tasty banger booster and bum lifter combo en route-hurrah!
To be honest though dear readers, there is nothing that fabulously interesting about a bride to be being organised. It is a bit of a given really. But, imagine my surprise when the groom to be wowed me with his retail prowess just last week.
Off he went to the retail mecca that is Bicester Village, with his pal and best man Peter armed only with a vague notion and a credit card. I kid you not lovely readers, this man and his bestie were ON FIRE!!! Within a paltry 15 minutes they had chosen, tried on, parted with cash and ended up with two really rather beautiful Ted Baker suits. My flabber was well and truly gasted!
To say they were beaming is an

I love them!
I love them!

understatement and of course we musn’t overlook the fact that this super speedy extreme session of retail therapy (or as they call it torture… men don’t really get shopping) meant one very important thing…a window of opportunity for a cheeky beer.
This little foray was well and truly deserved and much appreciated by both.
When I questioned my H2B about this incredible ‘supermarket sweep’ type achievement he casually shrugged his shoulders and said: “don’t you remember the shed darling….you took the dog out for a walk and 43 minutes later when you returned your youngest son and I had demolished it. Shopping is easy, I don’t know why you women make such a fuss about it, or why it takes so long…”
That’s why I love men. Such simple creatures.

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