WELL dear reader, it has been a few days of frenetic pre wedding pre amble activity, and as it now the end of term I have officially taken up my new role as teenage taxi service-unpaid of course.


Happy as I am to see my little darlings out and about and doing things such as dating, tennis and cricket practice, I did spend most of Saturday on a tour of Oxfordshire in sweltering temperatures and no doubt this is a trend that is set to continue. I would like to officially thank my father who did exactly the same for me many centuries ago when I was a young person. And yes Dad you are right, it is a bloody pain in the arse and I am sorry for all those times I kept you waiting outside the village hall disco. I now officially feel your pain.
Now with teenagers (well those that are 17 to be precise) comes the girlfriend dating scenario that if I am honest, I have been living in fear of for some time.
Following what was clearly a successful date on Saturday, the older teenager asked quite casually if the new subject of his affection could ‘stay over’ tonight. “And where will she sleep darling?” Teenager pats space next to him in double bed (I now realise that was a MASSIVE error) and says -“just here, nothing will happen Mum,” yeah well I was 17 once and so was their father-need I say more?
Needless to say my flabber was well and truly gasted and I said no. Although I did close his bedroom door and had to smile at the sheer cheek of the boy!

Festivals. I LOVE a festival and would like to spend the entire summer just going to them and living in a tent. Sadly as I am now 45 that will simply never happen so I have to settle for the occasional visit to one.
Cornbury is probably the nearest and I have been going there for ten years. It’s lovely and gentle and fun and a highlight of my summer calendar. I also got engaged there a couple of years ago while The Faces played It’s All or Nothing-highly appropriate!
This year I enjoyed a couple of days sitting on the grass, drinking cider and generally having a lovely time. To capture the event I thought I would take a ‘selfie’ of me in cowboy hat having a lovely time. I have never done this before and as you can see from the result below, never will I do it again in a public space.
To coin a phrase from the hideous Inbetweeners, there was an unfortunate ‘clunge’ moment-not mine I hasten to add!

OMG stranger clunge alert!
OMG stranger clunge alert!

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