Take me back to France!

OK so here we are in the autumn. Lovely brisk walks, gorgeous colours on the trees, conkers, mulled wine…Christmas decorations in the bloody shops already! We have not even had Halloween yet, not to mention Bonfire Night and already I am fighting my way through massive boxes of Celebrations and miles and miles of tinsel during my weekly shopping foray.
Why? I suppose by twelfth night we will be able to buy Easter eggs. Does the retail craziness of seasonal shopping never actually end any more? I mean the back to school posters in Sainsbury’s a week before the end of the summer term were bad enough, but I am not feeling remotely festive yet and I refuse to have festive-ness thrust upon me. I will get festive in my own time thanks very much and trust me, I won’t need any encouragement! Come December 1 I will be well and truly over excited.
I remember when Christmas actually only happened in December, late November at the earliest. The whole process is exhausting, it really only feels like about two months since I put the decorations away and I am still finding the odd pine needle wedged between the floorboards.
So. As an anti dote to this far too early for Christmas shopping madness, here are some fab photos of my last trip to France. Wish you were there? I do!

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