Three choices


Right now I am on the brink of a good, old fashioned, no holds barred, ‘it’s not fair’ sobbing cry.
Yesterday I didn’t have time to write a blog because of a 180 mile motorway trip to pick up a car which is still not mended followed by a family outing to the dentists all before the nightly dinner/reading book/bathtime/story time challenge commenced. The day prior to that was split into two halves- the first spent muttering and finger thumping the iPad while I scrawled discernable-only-to-me thoughts on a sheet of scrap paper and nursing hives while I prepared for a second interview. The second half picking myself apart, my mind whirring with thoughts of ‘give it up, you’re a single mum, be realistic. You need a job not a career’. Sounds like a bunch of defeatist excuses doesn’t it? Far be it from me to pitch up to the…

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