My work from home week

THIS week has been pretty amazing…and a bit stressful in equal measure! Being self employed does have some massive advantages and means that my week is often very varied and hectic. This last week has been really interesting so I wanted to give you a flavour of what working from home is really like-perhaps it will inspire you to try and ditch the 9-5!

One of my newest contracts is with a global organisation and I am producing a series of training videos for them. This involves a whole new load of learning and getting to grips with new tech-so it has been really enjoyable as I have the good fortune to be working with a really good friend of mine-but it is also a huge learning curve (vertical if I am brutally honest!)

Other jobs this week have included writing the weekly blog for a brilliant online dating company who I have worked with since their launch last year. I usually draw on my own previously disastrous dating experiences to provide the content, and you can read all about this on the dating and cautionary tales page of this blog!

This week has also been production week for one of the community newspapers I manage. Leys News is one of 12 community or hyperlocal papers that are in the Community Media Group. We work with communities across Oxford and Reading and recruit volunteers to our free journalism training programme, and then my two colleagues and I help them to produce their newspapers. You can follow us on Twitter @leysnewseditor or @OxcommunityM to find out more about what we do.

When I am not busy working in the media I work as a community tutor for Oxford Brookes University, and this means I get to work with some vulnerable but amazing and inspiring people. At the moment I am teaching Personal Development Planning for the probation service and trying to give people the tools they need to start rebuilding their lives. It is hugely rewarding and really interesting and I am encouraging them to write their own blogs too.

The point I am trying to make is that if you really take a good look at the skills you already have you will be amazed at how you can make them work for you in a different way. This could be the first step you take towards working for yourself.

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