I am a journalist, writer, media consultant, mother, step mother and wife and I have the massive, huge luxury of working mostly from my home.
Yes…I live a charmed and fortunate existence and spend a lot of time urging other people to try and do the same by ditching the 9-5 and working for themselves.
As mediabird, I work with lots of different people, businesses and organisations ranging from niche, local boutique businesses to large public sector organisations, global companies and not for profits.

Mediabird is my brand and a way of being able to work with lots of clever creatives who all work for themselves and enjoy the challenge of a portfolio career.
I also write for national magazines and newspapers, run a social enterprise in Oxford, and teach journalism, PR and personal development planning at universities and in the community.
To contact me about any of the work I do, please email me info@mediabird.co.uk

Working from home...living the dream!
Working from home…living the dream!

Living the dream!


2 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Thank you! I know I am very lucky. In an ideal world more of us should be trying to work from home but I know it is not possible for everyone. Thanks for getting in touch x

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