It’s all a bit textual…

SOCIAL networking and texting have a lot to answer for. I am not knocking it, infact I positively embrace the whole concept. There are however a few issues that continually crop up and one of these is the addiction factor. The other is the potentially negative impact it could have on our writing skills. BackContinue reading “It’s all a bit textual…”

To date…or not to date…that IS the question

I have a lot of experience of going on dates. Probably too much if I am honest. They range from internet dates to speed dates and blind dates and even a couple of dates with men I actually met at proper events like dinner parties. From the man from the Isle of Man who boughtContinue reading “To date…or not to date…that IS the question”

Motor Mouth was right..HOW annoying…

REGULAR readers of The Oxford Mail may well recall my colleague, The Motor Mouth (MM) having a rant about 4x4s a little while ago. At the time, although he is indeed a good friend and a respected fellow hack, I felt his comments were perhaps a little harsh. Well although I hate to admit thatContinue reading “Motor Mouth was right..HOW annoying…”

MEN! please stay away from the supermarket!

GENERALLY speaking, girls like to shop. For many of us the urge to visit retail emporia on a regular basis is hard wired into our DNA. While the weekly food shopping venture is technically shopping, it cannot exactly be classed as fun but it is essential and is usually a job for the girls. QuiteContinue reading “MEN! please stay away from the supermarket!”