Dating on your doorstep

Dating on your doorstep WE are most definitely in an age of supporting anything that is local to us. Whether we are talking about local shops, businesses or service providers, the overriding mantra is BUY LOCAL, and the concept makes perfect sense. Why travel when you have everything you need conveniently based right on yourContinue reading “Dating on your doorstep”

School age should be based on due date…you don’t say!

I do love a bit of research, especially an actual study. And I particularly like a really expensive bit of research that has been carried out by some really fancy, highly paid people with loads of letters after their name. But, what I REALLY like about a bit of research is when it is statingContinue reading “School age should be based on due date…you don’t say!”


OK, so before all the animals rights people start a small protest outside my house, I would like to point out that I genuinely LOVE all animals. I can’t kill a wasp and even when my children were infested with nits I felt guilty removing them from their comfy, warm beds.(the nits, not my children-that’sContinue reading “Pets-why?”