Do you run a small (or even tiny) business in a rural area?

I run my business from a building  in my garden-a fancy shed would be a good way to describe it! I love working for myself and have a collection of really interesting clients ranging from a dating website to a global petrochemicals company, education providers to newspaper publishers, third sector enterprises and professional organisations toContinue reading “Do you run a small (or even tiny) business in a rural area?”

Oxford’s health and wellbeing stars of the future

OXFORD’S HEALTH AND WELLBEING STARS OF THE FUTURE STUDENTS at City of Oxford College are getting valuable first-hand experience of working in the health and wellbeing sector, following the opening of a state of the art lifestyle centre. The beauty, hairdressing and health and fitness students are busy studying for their qualifications, but now haveContinue reading “Oxford’s health and wellbeing stars of the future”