Working from home? How to stay in control

It is a great concept isn’t it? The work from home day or even life if you are really lucky.

But is the reality actually as brilliant and life changing as the idea?
Many people who I know, including those who work in the media, are reluctant to commit fully to working from home because they fear the distraction of the fridge, TV or even chores (really?) will hamper them in their efforts to be productive and lead to extreme feelings of guilt.

So, for all you doubters out there who like the idea of working from home but are sitting firmly on the fence, here are some tips from the Mediabird team that have worked for us (well so far anyway…)

  • You NEED a workspace.The bed or sofa will simply not do the job. Get too comfy and you will simply slip into a cheeky power nap and before you know it, it will be supper time. A kitchen or dining room table is fine, a desk in a spare room or conservatory is fine but wherever you set up camp remember you are actually AT WORK.
  • Organisation is key. This can be hard for many of us creative types but it is essential to success. We are talking organising stuff, your day, your week, your month and ultimately your TIME to make sure you hit deadlines. There are loads of apps out there to help you keep track of your entire working life, or you can go proper old school and get a fabulous notebook or paper diary-I find benefits of both old and new methods to help keep me on track.
  • Friends and family. Well we just love them all don’t we…however, I get increasingly frustrated by the assumption that because I work from home I am available for errands all the time. Make it clear that yes, you do take a lunch hour, but that no, you cannot keep on nipping out all day to do things for other people.
  • Let there be light. Research has shown that we perform best with plenty of natural light flooding into our work spaces. I am not sure we really needed NASA scientists to tell us this, but hey ho-open that blind and let the light in!
  • Social media shut down-yes that’s right! Stop with the Twitter and the FB and all the other digital time bandits out there. I use all social media platforms in my job so it is hard to resist, but keep it to business and don’t let it distract you. Social media can easily become the devil’s work if you let it take over. The same goes for emails, WhatsApp…need I go on?
  • Phone a friend, and go for a walk or grab a coffee if loneliness takes over. Working from home offers masses of opportunities for peace and quiet and the chance to really focus on work, but if you are just not feeling it then grab yourself some company for a while.
  • Schedule breaks, you are not a slave and there is no need to work right through the day without a rest. Have lunch, get some exercise and fresh air and you will be raring to go in the afternoon.


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