My work from home week

THIS week has been pretty amazing…and a bit stressful in equal measure! Being self employed does have some massive advantages and means that my week is often very varied and hectic. This last week has been really interesting so I wanted to give you a flavour of what working from home is really like-perhaps it…

Artichokes? What chance do I REALLY have?!

I love gardening but tend to be a bit over ambitious, spend lots of money then disappear into a pit of horticultural despair when rioting molluscs gorge themselves on my precious seedlings.


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Do I look different? I ought to look different but perhaps I just want to look different because I feel different. Last week I took part in “Making Families Count”, the brainchild of Jan Sunman of OXFSN and Julie Kerry of NHS England, together with the filmmaker Julian Hendy…

Poor you

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If you want to wish anything on an enemy, don’t waste time on illness. One day that suffering will stop. Instead wish upon them poverty- it’s a feeling that crushes you from the inside out, shames you in an empty room and makes you acutely aware how being, being something or…

Three choices

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Right now I am on the brink of a good, old fashioned, no holds barred, ‘it’s not fair’ sobbing cry. Yesterday I didn’t have time to write a blog because of a 180 mile motorway trip to pick up a car which is still not mended followed by a family outing…

I’m a world record breaker….probably

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If you have one child or more, how long does it take to leave the house for a trip out? There’s always that trip to the toilet ‘just to try’, struggles with shoes and coats, a last minute memory jolt of something you need to take along and now must hastily…

How was it for you?

How was it for you? How was Christmas and New Year for you? I feel like I have just project managed a massive theatrical event or rock band’s European tour to be honest and I need a long lie down in a dark room until about March. A very good friend of mine described his…

The future of local news

IS THE FUTURE OF LOCAL NEWS HYPERLOCAL? Local newspapers are really important, but in an age of increasing overheads, digital platforms and instant access to information are we in danger of losing them forever? There is no denying that the print industry is struggling and every week another media company reports changes to its organisation….