Ok so it’s January…get a grip people!

Yes it is the first and possibly dreariest month of 2016, and apparently tomorrow is officially THE most depressing day of the year-although as it is my dear sister-in-law’s birthday too she may have different ideas about that! I am currently working on my first novel. I have written other books before but this is anContinue reading “Ok so it’s January…get a grip people!”

The art of being a step mother (originally published in Red magazine -May 2015)

Stepmothers This was commissioned by RED magazine and appeared in the May 2015 issue. As my new boyfriend Colin ambled towards the corner shop, I wound down the car window and called after him, ‘Don’t forget the milk, babe.’ He turned back with a warm smile, acknowledging my request. Sitting back contentedly, my thoughts driftedContinue reading “The art of being a step mother (originally published in Red magazine -May 2015)”

School age should be based on due date…you don’t say!

I do love a bit of research, especially an actual study. And I particularly like a really expensive bit of research that has been carried out by some really fancy, highly paid people with loads of letters after their name. But, what I REALLY like about a bit of research is when it is statingContinue reading “School age should be based on due date…you don’t say!”


OK, so before all the animals rights people start a small protest outside my house, I would like to point out that I genuinely LOVE all animals. I can’t kill a wasp and even when my children were infested with nits I felt guilty removing them from their comfy, warm beds.(the nits, not my children-that’sContinue reading “Pets-why?”


WELL dear reader, it has been a few days of frenetic pre wedding pre amble activity, and as it now the end of term I have officially taken up my new role as teenage taxi service-unpaid of course.   Happy as I am to see my little darlings out and about and doing things suchContinue reading “FESTIVALS, TEENAGERS AND SELFIES”