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Mediabird is a small collective of creative media types who really like a challenge! We work with small businesses, start ups, entrepreneurs, the third sector and the public sector and give people all the knowledge and confidence they need to move their business forward.

We are planning a couple of summer workshops to give local business owners the chance to get together, have a natter and learn about things like:

  • Social media
  • Blogging
  • PR and communications
  • Dealing with the media

The workshops are £35 per person and will run from 9.30-12.30 and include lovely coffee and cakes and the chance to book in for a free consultation with one of our team of PR and communication experts.



So if you are always wondering why other businesses get publicity and press coverage and yours doesn’t, or if you would love to start blogging but just can’t seem to get your fingers dancing across the keyboard then come along and find out just what you can do to help grow your business!

Places are limited and pre booking is essential so please email us for more info





Yes…it has been a while…

All I can say is sorry-yes this blog has been subject to a certain level of neglect over the last few months-but with VERY good reasons!

At the end of last year we launched a very exciting new project www.bicestertoday.news
This is a hyperlocal website for Bicester and the surrounding areas that is part of the Hyperlocal Today group of websites that are now popping up across the UK.

screen 1

This is our lovely new website!

The site is owned by us and we aim to publish content that other local news outlets perhaps don’t want to or prefer not to or simply do not consider interesting enough. We are keen to be seen as an alternative to other local news outlets-and so far-so good.
Since we launched, our visitor numbers are increasing daily and the feedback we have received from the local community has been exceptional. Thousands of people are reading our posts and seeing our ads every day.

Our social media profile is getting better all the time and the range of content that we are producing is interesting and relevant to the people who live, work and study in our area.
Bicester is growing fast-nationally we are known for the Bicester Village shopping outlet, but trust me there is a LOT more to Bicester than designer shops! We have a wealth of brilliant businesses, charitable and community groups and fabulous events happening in our patch-all down to the amazing people who live in Bicester and the surrounding villages.
Since we launched (very quietly!) our team has grown and we are now working with a graphic designer and a marketing consultant as the next step is to grow www.bicestertoday.news even more with even better, richer content, gorgeous visuals and plenty of effective sponsorship and advertising packages, to support all our local businesses who need really targeted but flexible promotional opportunities to shout about how truly amazing they are!
So-check us out www.bicestertoday.news and get in touch!

Journalism remains at the core of everything Mediabird does-whether I am working alone or with selected creative professionals. However, in this ever changing climate it is vital that we have a true entrepreneurial spirit woven into our work.
As well as our new website, we have been very busy creating some fantastic video content with Absolute Films for a big public sector organisation. Mediabird was also involved in producing a series of films to celebrate the UN International Day of the Volunteer.
We have been collaborating with photographers, designers and other writers and content creators, and running lots of training courses in journalism and PR and communication skills for community groups, businesses, the public sector and universities.

Look out soon for details of our next workshops for anyone who wants to learn more about how to write for business and promote your enterprise on a shoestring. We cover blogging and visual content creation as well as social media and media training to help you make the most of every opportunity that comes your way.

table 2

Mediabird is loving this fantastic book by Natasha Courtenay-Smith

Our workshops are always sell outs and the feedback is superb, so if you are interested in finding out more email us today sarah@mediabird.co.uk and we can send you some more info and add you to our mailing list to receive regular updates from us.

Another new venture for us that has been growing for the last two years, is our Positive Life Skills course. Although a bit of a departure from journalism and media work, this course is rooted in communication skills and planning the next phase of your life. Results from clients who have taken part are astonishing-more information coming soon on how to access the course.

table 3

Planning anything  is made a lot easier by using a journal like this fantastic one from Self Journal which we love!

I promise you that you can now look forward to regular blog updates from the Mediabird team as we continue to grow and help more people to communicate effectively and creatively-all from a shed in the garden!

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So…what’s the story?


What’s the story?

All small businesses and third sector organisations have a story to tell. Some of them have loads, some not so many but there is always something going on that is newsworthy, it is just a case of identifying what is actually NEWS.

New ventures are frequently referred to as someone’s ‘baby’ and quite right too! By the time you have come up with a watertight idea and established that your new business is providing a product or service that people need and want to pay for, AND raised the finance, decided on a name and launched it, trust me, it fells like you have actually given birth!

The danger is, however, that as business owners we are so close to the ‘baby’ that we become clucky parents. Before you know it every tiny event becomes a major news story to us, and we fail to understand why the rest of the world, and more specifically the media, are not at all interested that we have launched a website or just sent an amazing Tweet!

As new parents capture every waking, breathing moment of their newborn and expect everyone else to be fascinated by it, new venture owners are equally guilty of not being able to see the true news value of everyday events. Yes, every new step in a new business is really important, but they won’t all make the local paper.

So, how do you make your enterprise newsworthy? Two very important words are time and creativity, both of which you will need in abundance if you are to attract the attention of journalists and editors. It is worth putting as much thought as you can into how you approach your PR plan, and it really does have to be a plan.

Having an interesting story to tell is the key to making that plan happen, so it is worth taking time to think about what is happening and why you think other people will be interested in it, and how it can help to raise the profile of your business.

Taking an idea and turning it into a newsworthy press release takes time. After all, you are a business owner not a journalist or a PR so you cannot expect to get it right first time. For more information on how to write a killer press release email me mediabird@btinternet.com and I can send you some free tips.

Remember that reading an article in a newspaper or magazine or on a website can indicate far more of an endorsement to potential customers than an advertising campaign. Advertising is expensive and for small enterprises is not always the best way to promote themselves. Remember that anyone can pay for advertising space, but to attract the attention of journalists and editors you must have a really good story!

Always be proud of every milestone that you reach, but always think carefully about whether that milestone is really significant enough and valuable enough to warrant PR activity. Every day thousands of new business related stories emerge so competition is fierce! Getting the attention of journalists is vital so be creative and unusual in your approach and you will reap rewards.

We run workshops and training sessions to help start ups, small businesses, third sector organisations and community groups to promote themselves and learn how to do their own PR. Our fees are low cost and our sessions are fun, informal and informative. For more information please email mediabird@btinternet.com follow us on Twitter@mediabird


Mediabird: Chat.Create.Communicate



I have spent 26 years working a a journalist and at least the last 15 of those years working as a PR and media consultant for a wide variety of businesses, large and small, established and new.
My most recent PR role was as a senior communications manager for one of the country’s largest police forces.

When I talk to people about PR and raising their profiles and basically getting their messages out there, there is an immediate assumption that it is going to cost a lot of money and that there is no way they could even consider doing it themselves.

This is, of course, not true! For the last five years I have been a regular visiting lecturer at a university in London. I work with students who have just completed their studies and are about to start their own businesses. In addition to the workshop that I run for them, I offer some free after care and support to help them on their way. The idea is that I don’t do their PR for them, but actually teach them to do it themselves. It works.

I have run similar workshops and training days with major charities, local and city councils and community organisations. The workshops are fun, and give people the encouragement they need to tackle their own PR.

Everyone is capable of learning a few skills so that they can PR their own business or charitable organisation. I run workshops in various locations that are very low cost and equip people with the skills they need to write press releases, their own web copy and blogs and learn about social media and how to handle interviews.

The next one is next Friday, details below, so do get in touch if you would like to come along. It could be the best time and money you ever spend on your business! image